BullStock 14 – Sat December 28 – 2019


Geez these brave men had it tough, 40 degree heat, extreme pressure situations and kids at times running around, these will be the echoed memories of a new look “BullStock” that took place over the weekend.
As all sports nearly have adopted a shorter version of the game, it was time the dart world took notice an followed suit. The Bull Bash series had a few little twists, and surprises throughout. With 4 teams of 2, we all played each other twice, the two top teams then played a best of 3 final.
The game was shortened with the scrapping of numbers 12,13 and 14. Each player also receiving a power play where there 3 dart shot is doubled and can be used at any time simply by firing the gun before your shot. This was used to great effect early on in games, where teams tried to attack an gain the upper hand.


With 8 people that were all competent in throwing darts, the teams were pretty even, an the quality at times was simply stunning.
We welcomed back two, you could say “founding men” of bull stock on the weekend which was great to see, we can only hope to keep them onboard moving forward.
We also welcomed a couple of virgins to the Bull Bash, Pecker and Baker (Brownies) made there long awaited debut, and did not disappoint after a slow start. Like a good bottle of red they got better as the day went on, making it to the GF only to go down 2-0. 
Josh & Snail (Big Reds) were unlucky not to get through to the final, just missing out by 6 or so %. They had the Red Backs ( Macca – Stocks ) on toast at one stage, with snail scoring well over 300 points with 2 consecutive throws showing us all how dangerous the power play could be. That was the game they needed to win to secure a finals berth, staying with them all game an showing some true grit – never give in style darts, they snuck home in the end, with both teams having multiple chances to score a bulls eye to win the game. The belief grew in the Redbacks web after that gutsy win, an they did not look back.
Ruz & Remfs got off to a slow start, and seemed to turn up in the second round of round robin matches, and were much more competitive, an had chances to win multiple games at times. They fought hard all day but in the end, failed to fire.
But today was all about the Redbacks ( Macca & Stocks ) and the fairy tale it was for the young man after a long stint out of the game. Going undefeated all day, an winning the finals series 2-0, it was reminessant of the once great Phil Taylor, the way they went about there business and fully deserved winning the inaugural Bull Bash series.




1st Final Redbacks 459 – Brownies 436                                                                                                                                                2nd Final Redbacks 275 – Brownies 262