2nd Qualifying Event – Stocks Place

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BSS Qualifying Results 2

Well what an evening, it was close all game, any probably any of the 5 heads could have gone through in the end. Snail was in the running all game, and in the end showed his experience in the end and finished of well to take a spot in the next tournament. Coming back from an extended break was big daddy, and showed a solid performance and earned his stripes for the next tournament, which rumors have it, may have hosting rights as well?

As for the others Ryzie was close but just missed out with a 3rd Position, and next in line was Dan who scrapped in with the 4th Position. And was good to see a newcomer Digger showing his face and kept up with everyone else throughout the game just couldn’t finish in the end, he will be back!

Late October, Early November is the rough date at this stage, will give everyone plenty of notice.


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