3rd Qualifying Event – Nimmo’s Place – 20.1.14

BSS Qualifying Results 3

Well we had a good turn out around Josh’s, with only one no show in Digga. And one late arrival in Ryzie.

Nimmo (76) lead the way and got there quite easily in the end, Ryzie (91) was allowed to qualify a few days later as he was on the way back from the states, and has been a loyal member of the tournament, and got off to a flyer, was looking comfortable to beat Nimmo, but fell away in the end. Spam (102) was second on the night, but got pushed back after Ryzie’s performance. Nic (111) the newcomer put on a brave fight to finish in forth, followed by Phil (123) then Schooner (132).

All people that did turn up to qualify, have the option of coming along game day, and watching the festivities for $50.Bullstock8 012

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