4th Qualifying Event August 2014

Another Positive roll out of players for the 4th Qualifying Event – Held at Remfrys – Stocks House and Via Skype from WA.

With 8 players competing all up we had some record breaking results both sides of the ledger.

Spam was the lone ranger first up at Remfrys with a just above par score of ( 76 ). After getting 66 in the warm ups.

Next on the line was Sephton  – Kane – Pom – Schmacker and Snail all battling it out at Stocks joint under some tough conditions at some stages of the event. ( footy )

Sephton put up a fight ( 92 ) but lost alot of shots on the doubles, Next best was Kane         ( 156 ) who started off in a blaze of glory but was sluggish towards the end.  One of the longest serving players Snail ( 195 ) was next best, and is unlucky to be so far off after proving he can play at the top level. Schmacker & Pom were next in line failing to finish.

Sunday Night was WA ‘s turn, after a tough day in the backyard, decided to lay down in bed. Get a Skype call from Benno & Callum, were on here !!

Cleary the two best players who qualified so far – good set up in the firies station, good board, good camera man. Callum ( 64 ) who has beaten the Qualifying record previously held by Sephton & Nimmo ( 68 ) was in fine form an has alot of Stenny about him, throws em down bloody hard and fast !

Benno ( 71 ) started slowly but came home strongly to beat his brother by 5 shots and has set up some interesting xmas dinner conversations in the years to come.


1st Callum 64 – 2nd Benno 71 – 1st Reserve Spam 76 – 2nd Reserve Sephton 92 – 3rd Reserve Kane 152


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