BullStock 12 – Industrial Heartland

BullStock singles was back in vogue in part 12 of the suburban series. Lonsdale the venue, the industrial heartland of the southern suburbs, where the Womsnail Complex got its first taste of the bull.

10 Doubles tournaments to speak of so far, and back to back singles, is there a new trend?

Anway back to business, apart from the darts 8mm nipples stole the show, interestingly a search on google in the Guinness world records does not show the longest nipple? We could be onto something here!

The same heads cruised there way to the finals on a warmish day in the shed, Spam, Stocks and Richo making their way to the Prelim and GF respectively. Remfs and Adam shared bottom between the two with percentage the only thing separating them.


Nimmo and Snail both finished the day on even par with a 3-3 record between them.

Sadly finals scores were not kept for the day, as South Australia first ever tornado ripped through Lonsdale shortly after the event, no damage was done, and no one was injured, but the scores were nowhere to be seen. I only have a picture of the scores at the end of the home and away season.

I only have a picture of the scores at the end of the home and away season, so these will be added to the stats only as played, wins and losses.

Richo deserved his second singles crown, after dropping a game to Stocks in the semi, he fought out a hard earned win against Spam in the Prelim. before taking that form into the GF and getting off to a flyer making easy work of Stocks.

He will wear his second Singles crown proudly along with his entry to the ‘Wall of Shame’ along with Big Daddy as hosting the prestigious event and managing to loose the scores.

Until March




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