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Well lads its been a while but on Sat June 30th at 1230pm sharp @ The Shed

We will be entertained with fine beer, fine women, 3 course meal (ha!), an solid sportsmanship.

At this stage we are thinking to start the doubles comp first which will be as per normal, at this stage with no one cancelling we have 10 people, we have a singles fixture all lined up ready to go, its a mixture of a Knockout comp and round robin comp, so lots of darts to be played so 1230pm we need to start drawing names out of the hat.


We will have 2 boards setup also, so we can be multi tasking.

Waitresses have been orgainized, an will be arriving at 1pm an last one will leave at 10pm an the total cost of this is $130 per person.

You will need to bring some light beer also for enjoyment

In a move by management to be always looking to inovate, we are trying to get our own individual songs to play play before the game in the singles comp. I will look to purchase a blue tooth speaker so we can all hook up to it.

So just think about your song that really gets you going, Mirah Carey – Hero? Miley Cirus? You will not be judged ………………

Any Questions fire them through.

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